The Family Pellegrini

The Pellegini belog to an old family of Verona from XII century and today they live in Verona and Venezia.

They were members of the noble council of Verona in 1405. They were decorated with the title of marchese from the monarchs of Mantua. The Pope Pio V decorated them with the title of count.

Coat of arms: a pilfrim dressed with fur. He has a pilgrim's staff in his right hand and a rosary in his left hand. His hat is decorated with a shell. Motto: NE QUID NIMIS (nothing superflous).

Bernardo is discendent from this illustrious family and lives in this old country villa.

Villa Pellegrini dates back to the sixteenth century and once it was a hunting lodge. It is inside a beautiful park with centuries-old trees and a suggestive stream.