Living the simplicity and elegance of the past

The magic of Verona has been an irresistible attraction for Italian and foreign tourists alike, and it's here, in its vicinity that you'll find Villa Corte Pellegrini in Verona.

Located close to Verona's antique center, Corte Pellegrini gives you the opportunity of exploring not only Verona itself but also the numerous touristic and enogastronomic routes such as the Valpolicella, Lake Garda, the Lessinia while enjoying the charm of Corte Pellegrini's own important history.

Antique Structures

Since ancient times, Corte Pellegrini is composed of: a hunting lodge for the Noble, a stable and barn for agricultural use. The latter have been restructured and are now providing for several typologies of bedrooms.

A Noble History

The Pellegrini's are an antique Noble Veronese family dating back as far as the 12th century. In 1405 the counsel of Nobelmen of Verona describes the Pellegrini family as Marquis by the powers fo the dukes of Mantua and Count of the Feuds conferred upon them by Pope Pio V.

Bernardo, a direct descendant, was born at Corte Pellegrini and lives there today.


Corte Pellegrini is suited for any kind of tourism. You may choose to spend the entire day on the estate or head for the nearby Verona or for even for the shores of the Garda lake. The convenient location of Corte Pellegrini even makes important art cities such as Venice, Mantua, Ferrara or Trento a palatable option for a day tour. The choice is yours.

The grounds of International Verona fairs such as Vinitaly or the Verona Horse fair are only a few minutes away.

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